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Featured Work: The Thirteen Faces of the Doctor

A portrait series featuring all of the leading actors, from Hartnell to Capaldi, to star in BBC’s classic sci-fi series Doctor Who.

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30 Miles of Cocktails

A Couple out for a couple drinks (… and then a couple more)

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Comic Artist, Illustrator and Cocktail Enthusiast

An oddly displaced East Coast native, Karl Christian Krumpholz is the writer/artist of such self-published comics as 30 Miles of Crazy!, Angst Boy Comics, Sturm und Drang, Schadenfreude, as well as Byron for SLG Publishing.

Not content with just comics, Karl Christian has also done illustration work for Mother Mind Studios (Show Devils), VICE Magazine, and Modern Drunkard Magazine; provided artwork for the documentary Neal Cassady’s Denver Years for Colorado Public Television; illustrated Daniel Landes’ short story Revolt to What? as well as Rich English’s booze-y book Beer for the Genius; and, for the last two years, has drawn his daily comic adventures and True-ish Tales about the denizens, bars, and characters of the city in his weekly webcomic 30 Miles of Crazy!

Karl currently lives in Denver, CO with a beautiful woman, his trusted banjo, a pair of cats who stalk him for food, and is always looking for a better place to get a drink (which he writes about on his blog: 30 Miles of Cocktails). He also hates writing about himself in the third person. It’s creepy.

Photo by Gary Isaacs

Photo by Gary Isaacs