30 MILES OF CRAZY! 46: Put Your Go-Go Boots On

Yep, It’s Friday once again! Time for another ‘tru-ish’ tale about Colfax and the Mile High City. A new 30 MILES OF CRAZY! (#46)! This week: Put Your Go-Go Boots On… or… THE STRONGEST POUR ON THE HILL!

Gather around, children… and let me tell you about the Lancer Lounge. The Lancer was once one of the great dive bars on Capitol Hill for over 45 years. It stood strong as the neighborhood gentrified and turned into a nest of cafes, galleries, and high end resturants. It was a place of characters, ‘Panic Hour’ and the ‘Strongest Pour on the Hill.’ It finally folded (I believe the word ‘evicted’ has been used…) a little over two years ago and turned into something even worse… a wine bar masquerading as a dive bar… and mediocrity then held sway.

I know many people that won’t set foot in that new god forsaken place. I certainly won’t.

So… Musical Accompaniment…. Three… Two… One… and GO!