30 MILES OF CRAZY! 126: Disrespect

“… you can’t let anyone disrespect you..”   Time for another True-ish tale of Denizens, Bars, Characters in the City and Other Low Places. Time for a new 30 MILES OF CRAZY! (#126)

This week: ‘Disrespect’ … or ‘Just Another Day on Public Transportation’

So, you may notices some changes with the comic going forward. They can be subtle (they’re not) so I’ll point them out to you in the regards of greater mutual understanding. First, you may see that I’m experimenting with color… duotones to be exact, to bring 30 Miles more in line with my other comic The Denver Bootleg (currently published weekly at the Denver Westword, though a couple can be found on my site. Blatant plug.). Also, I’m trying out my hand lettering skills. It’s likely going to be a little rough for awhile until I get my ‘sea legs’ with that particular skill. I’ve only been doing it for a little while, but have been enjoying it as the lettering seems to bring everything together into one big ball of comic illustrated goodness.

Lastly, with this week’s comic, I’m starting a new volume. Yep, the third 30 Miles collection starts right here (name eventually forthcoming). I hope to have it out by next summer, so I better be getting to it.

… and so …  Three… Two… One… Musical Accompaniment! …. and GO!


Next comic will be on Friday, Dec 11th!