It’s Friday and a new (very special… in the great sense, not the ‘after school’ kind) 30 MILES OF CRAZY! #31

This week I have to jump ahead (#31!) and put the ‘On The Road: Boston‘ on hold (there are three installments left) until next week and head back to Denver early for one special (very time important) occasion.

This week: ‘Why Denver?’ … or ‘HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!’ This is also my first multi-page 30 MILES story. It’s an EVENT!!!

Ten years ago, next week for New Year’s Eve, I came out to Denver for the very first time, saw Slim Cessna’s Auto Club for the second time (in a much bigger venue), had green chili for the first time, saw Colfax, met her (Colfax is a ‘her’, right? Agree on that?) denizens, went into the Rockies, managed to stave off altitude sickness, and had my first date with K (to the same Slim Cessna show.) Things and my life have never been the same since.

So… here we go. The last few Boston stories will resume next week, but for now… The very apt Musical Accompaniment (performing at the Lion’s Lair as well. Pretty sure we were at that show)… and more photos after the comic.





First photo of Kelly, meeting her in New Orleans.


… and 10 years ago this New Year’s Eve