… and so here we go again. Not being home in the studio is not going to stop me making this post. No, not indeed! SCIENCE IS GOOD!

So, it’s Friday with a new 30 MILES OF CRAZY! (#33). First one with some sort of COLOR as well! This week: BLUCIFER!! …. or “Yes, Virginia, There IS a Giant Demonic Horse statue outside of the Airport.”

Yes.. this is a real thing and the subject of some controversy here in Denver (“Do we REALLY want people to see a giant Hellhorse with glowing red eyes as the last thing people see in Denver before they fly away?”) ‘El Mesteno‘ (or ‘The Blue Mustang‘) was the creation of sculptor Luis Jimenez and is another cog in the endless conspiracy theories surrounding Denver International Airport (D.I.A.) (there’s another comic strip just about them. I bet the Lizard people love Blucifer, taking him out riding at night… cause why not?)

… which brings us to the Musical Accompaniment as well as a couple bizzaro videos about Blucifer and D.I.A.

For my part, I love Blucifer and wish that I could display it in my backyard… for, ya’know,… the kids.