Grab your tin foil hat and protect your brain from those nefarious electromagnetic fields… Time again for another ‘Tru-ish’ tale of Denizens, Bars, Characters of the ‘Longest Wickedest Street in America’ and Other Low Places. Time for a new 30 MILES OF CRAZY! (#90)

This week: ‘Don’t Harsh the Lizardman’s Buzz’… or D.I.A. CONSPIRACY THEORIES

Yep! This one is a sort of sequel to the ‘Blucifer’ (#33!) (“Yes, Virginia, there is a Demon Horse of the Plains”) comic that I did some time ago.

If you’d like to read more about the theories surrounding D.I.A. (and there are A LOT of them), here are some links:

Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory

D.I.A. Conspiracy Files

A Global Government is Waiting Under the Denver Airport – NY Mag

Denver Internation Airport –

Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory Documentary – Youtube

… and with all that…. Three… Two… One… Musical Accompaniment! …. and GO!