It’s Friday! A new 30 MILES OF CRAZY! (#26) Part 2 (of 5) of ‘On the Road: Boston!‘ This week: ‘Career Opportunities!’ … or ‘CENTRAL SQUARE IS FOR LOVERS!’

For the next couple weeks, we are on the road in Boston (though this one takes place in Cambridge, MA). This is yet another true-ish story (though this one is utterly true) about a certain young lady’s experiences in The Hub, centering around Massachusetts Ave and (this week) Central Square. God, I miss The Middle East, T.T.’s, The Field, The Can Tab, and Hi-Fi Pizza (god awful pizza, but perfect for at 2 am, when all poor choices are made.)

So, here we go! Musical Accompaniment! And more pictures and evidence below the art!


K standing at the Hub of the Universe…