It’s Friday! A new 30 MILES OF CRAZY! (#27) Part 3 (of 6) of ‘On the Road: Boston!‘ This week: ‘Only Weird if it Works … or GO SOX!

For the next couple weeks, we are on the road in Boston. This is yet another true-ish story (though this another that is utterly true) about a certain young lady’s experiences in The Hub, centering around Massachusetts Ave and (this week) in Back Bay (outside a certain bar named after a boozy author) during that frantic baseball post season in Oct 2007, after the Colorado Rockies had already clinched their series and were already (quietly… compared to Boston) heading to the World Series.

So, here we go! Musical Accompaniment! And more pictures and evidence below the art!


… the both of us outside Bukowski’s (the same bar), circa 2004