It’s Friday! A new 30 MILES OF CRAZY! (#28) Part 4 (of 6) of ‘On the Road: Boston!‘ This week: ‘Man on the Moon?’ or …. MMMM BRAINS!

For another two weeks, we are still on the road in Boston. This is yet another true-ish story about a certain young lady from Colorado, her first trip to the East, and her experiences in The Hub, centering around Massachusetts Ave and (this week) in Boston’s great Public Gardens  (with the trees, statues, small lake, ducks, duck statues, swans, swan boats, the recurring bird theme, that scene in ‘Ted’ when they are trying to smoke weed… you get the picture. … also I know the Gardens are on Boylston and not Mass Ave, just go with the idea. It’s art!)

So… several years ago, young CO girl, Boston, wandering on her own…. GO!

Musical Accompaniment! And more pictures and evidence below the art!