NEW COMIC COLLECTION: One Minute to Wonderland

‪’One Minute to Wonderland’.

This is the follow up to last year’s ‘The City Was Never Going to Let Go.’ It is forty four more single panel comics about some of the people and their lives in The City. A collection of short stories told in one panel.

It’ll debut at Small Press Expo (SPX) next weekend (Sept 14-15) in Bethesda, Maryland! I’ll be at the Kilgore Books & Comics table (W61-62) along with some of my other comics all weekend. Brilliant!‬

Characters of Colfax!

I was recently approached by Colfax Business Improvement District (or Colfax BID) to help them out in their effort to focus on some of the people that make Denver’s Colfax Avenue… well… Colfax.

I’ll be creating a comic every other month, featuring some of these people and their stories. The first edition came out in July about Priscilla Jerez from Tooey’s Off Colfax.

You can check out the Characters of Colfax website HERE.

30 MILES OF CRAZY! Issue #7 Review at Graphic Policy

“Very few writers since his entry into the literary world can compare. Karl Christian Krumpholz is one who does… Overall, a beautiful collection of vignettes that both ring true and is somewhat fantastical at times. The stories by Krumpholz are funny, brilliant, and heartfelt…”

Brilliant review of my recent 30 Miles of Crazy! Issue #7. Thanks, Graphic Policy!

Issue #7 (as well as issues #1 through #6 & other comics) can all be found at Birdcage Bottom Books.