Characters of Colfax: Becky Stutsman

“Colfax is this city, the good and the bad.”

My latest contribution to Characters of Colfax is now up on their site, putting a spotlight on some of the people that make Colfax Ave interesting. The new comic features one of my favorite “gate keeper”, bartender, and all around good people: Becky Stutsman.

You can check out the Characters of Colfax website HERE.

30 MILES OF CRAZY! Issue #7 (and others) Review at Four Color Apocalypse

“Flying way further below the radar than he deserves to, Denver-based Karl Christian Krumpholz is staking his claim to the territory marked “pre-eminent cartoonist depicting the realities of American urban life.” Which, admittedly, would be too long a title to fit on most plaques or awards. Nevertheless, it’s true, and now it’s my job to tell you why —”

Wow… that is incredibly kind. Wonder if I can put all that on a business card.

It’s a brilliant review of 30 Miles of Crazy! #7, Nothing but Suitcases, The City Was Never Going to Let Go, and “… but we wish you the best of luck.”

You can check out the full review at the Four Color Apocalypse website HERE.

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Characters of Colfax: Donnacha Og ORinn

I was recently approached by Colfax Business Improvement District (or Colfax BID) to help them out in their effort to focus on some of the people that make Denver’s Colfax Avenue… well… Colfax.

I’ll be creating a comic every other month, featuring some of these people and their stories. Here’s the second one featuring Donnacha Og ORinn

You can check out the Characters of Colfax website HERE.