Characters of Colfax!

I was recently approached by Colfax Business Improvement District (or Colfax BID) to help them out in their effort to focus on some of the people that make Denver’s Colfax Avenue… well… Colfax.

I’ll be creating a comic every other month, featuring some of these people and their stories. The first edition came out in July about Priscilla Jerez from Tooey’s Off Colfax.

You can check out the Characters of Colfax website HERE.

The New Narrative : The Story So Far

Another album illustration, this time for the Denver punk band The New Narrative. The vinyl album (yep, no CD… this is a vinyl release), The Story so Far, will be coming out later in 2019.

Not only did I illustrated the front and back of the album sleeve, but illustrated portraits of all the band members (for an album insert) as well as did all the final graphic design on the release.