30 MILES OF CRAZY! 47: The Pink Bag

Time for another ‘tru-ish’ tale about Colfax and the Mile High City. A new 30 MILES OF CRAZY! (#47)! This week: The Pink Bag… or THE FIRST SEQUEL TO A PREVIOUS 30 MILES COMIC!

Yep, this is the first sequel to a previous 30 MILES comic (#39: ‘A Gang of One’), taking place later that same night. You can read the previous comic here. Why a sequel? Well…  we are a mass consuming society, constantly scavenging and searching to consume new data to plug into our heaving brains, and curiously enough.. new interesting information was gleaned! Plus the woman was kind of fantastic. I had to come back to her.

So… here we go… Musical Accompaniment… (there’s an actual video for this??)… and GO!




30 MILES OF CRAZY! 39: A Gang of One

It’s Friday. Time for another ‘tru-ish’ tale about Colfax and the Mile High City. A new 30 MILES OF CRAZY! (#39)! This week: A Gang of One!… or DYING IS EASY. COMEDY IS HARD.

So… here’s a joke…

A priest, a rabbi, and a pastor are sitting in a bar across the street from a known brothel. As they are sipping their drinks, they see a rabbi walk into this den of iniquity.

“Oy! It’s awful to see another teacher of the Torah give into low desire”, says the rabbi.

A short while later, they see a pastor also walk into the bordello. “My my my… It’s terrible to see a man of the cloth give into such temptation”, says the pastor.

Even later, the trio see a priest enter the brothel. “Well, it’s so nice to see the ladies, who’ve been used so poorly, have time to confess their sins,” says the priest.

Is it a good joke? I thought so, but then I have a brain that can maybe hold about three to five jokes at a time, the shorter the better (“Nuns do it out of habit” still makes me smile, but then I was raised Catholic.

Which brings us to this week’s 30 MILES. Yes, this actually happened at the World Famous Lion’s Lair.

Musical accompaniment! (which she requested and I don’t see as any sort of ‘happy’ song) … and three, two, one…. GO!




30 Miles of Crazy! 22: Beer Goggles!

BEER GOGGLES! Or ‘… Yet Another Colfax Beauty Pageant!’

It’s Friday and time for another 30 MILES OF CRAZY! True-ish tales of America’s Longest and Wicked Street: Denver’s Colfax Avenue!

This time with Musical Accompaniment! (Yes, the song reference in the comic and World/Inferno Friendship Society is one of my favorite bands. Do yourself a favor and catch them live.)

… as well as pictures from the scene of the crime after the strip.




Kooky Kitsch!

Do you like groovy music? Do you like booze? Do you like drinking booze and listening to groovy music in a historic Denver bar?? Well… Kooky Kitsch resumes this Saturday with DJ Franklin Bell at the helm.

Here’s the Illustration I did for the event (which resume this Saturday at The World Famous Lion’s Lair)