30 MILES OF CRAZY!: Where can you find the comics???

30 Miles of Crazy! Where to Find All the Comics????

“... (Karl) demonstrates not only a keen ear but also a clear eye for how to use his cartooning to capture a certain ecstatic truth about his world.” – Robin Enrico at Broken Frontier review about 30 Miles of Crazy!.

You can check out the full Broken Frontier review of Issues #5 and 6 of 30MOC! HERE. You should read it. It’s really good (the review, that is.)

Unless you are in Denver (where I can easily get the books into the local shops), there may be a bit of an issue problem getting comics in the comic shops around the country.  At the moment, I’m still working out some distribution issues for all the new issues of 30MOC… distribution issues like finding a distributor. However, not all is grim! Nope, things are looking up. If you are looking for print copies of the current issues #1 through 6 of 30MOC! they are available now at Birdcage Bottom Books! Yep, check it out. All six issues (as well as An Introduction to Alcohol) are now listed in their shop and on their website. You can order print copies of all six issues there.

Click the link HERE for print comic goodness!

If print is not really your thing and you prefer digital copies of you comics, I have you covered there as well. All six issues (and An Introduction to Alcohol) are also available at Comixology!

Clink the link HERE for digital comic goodness!

Lastly, I’m planning out my comic shows for the rest of the year. I will be exhibiting at the Small Press Expo (SPX, Sept 15-16) in Bethesda, MD this year, as well as the Massachusetts Indy Comic Expo (MICE, Oct 20-21) in my old adopted home town of Boston (well, actually Somerville, MA… but close enough.) I’m looking forward to both (but really looking forward to just being back on the East Coast for a couple days.) Of course, I will have plenty of comics with me at the expos (and to supply some of the local shops as well.)

That’s it for now.