It’s Friday! A new 30 MILES OF CRAZY! (#29) Part 5 (of 6) of ‘On the Road: Boston!‘ This week: ‘The Right Thing!’… or CENTRAL SQUARE IS FOR LOVERS (AGAIN)!

For one more week, we are still on the road in Boston. This is yet another true-ish story about a certain young lady from Colorado (though this story is utterly true), her trips to the East, and her experiences in The Hub, centering around Massachusetts Ave and (this week) an event that happened during our most recent visit at one of my favorite bars in Cambridge along that historic avenue (a great center of neighborhood character in a rapidly gentrifying area.)

So… here we go with two apt Musical Accompaniments. The first is the hit song referenced in the strip… and the second (again by Little Joe Cook)… cause why the hell not. I love that bar.

I also found this small video from the Boston Post about Little Joe Cook (age 90!) talking about his career. Check it out!