30 MILES OF CRAZY! Issue #7 Review at Graphic Policy

“Very few writers since his entry into the literary world can compare. Karl Christian Krumpholz is one who does… Overall, a beautiful collection of vignettes that both ring true and is somewhat fantastical at times. The stories by Krumpholz are funny, brilliant, and heartfelt…”

Brilliant review of my recent 30 Miles of Crazy! Issue #7. Thanks, Graphic Policy!


Issue #7 (as well as issues #1 through #6 & other comics) can all be found at Birdcage Bottom Books.

30 MILES OF CRAZY! Issue #7!


30 MILES OF CRAZY! Issue #7
‘I believe in The City’

Slice of life comics and true stories about modern life and living in The City by Karl Christian Krumpholz, 28 pages, Full Color.

Includes the stories: ‘My Mugger‘, ‘A Gesture‘, ‘Walk of Shame‘, ‘Darkness‘, ‘Indifference‘, ‘My Only Stan Lee Story‘, ‘The Show Girl’, ‘Agoraphobia‘, and others. 

“Karl’s books break my heart like an old song. Frantic scenes frozen brilliantly. He captures the sacred and silent city moments that only happen in your head or with your true love. It’s a lament to a town I no longer know, but a love letter to a city I can’t wait to grow old with. Thank you.”
-Jim Norris, Mutiny Info Cafe

“… becoming more of a documentarian (Karl) demonstrates not only a keen ear but also a clear eye for how to use his cartooning to capture a certain ecstatic truth about his world.”
-Robin Enrico, Broken Frontier