30 Miles of Crazy! 23: Colfax Avenue Portraits


It’s Friday and time for another 30 MILES OF CRAZY! Number 23!

When on Colfax Avenue, I get hit up for change… a lot. So, I decided to make this work to my advantage and at least get a comic strip out of it. I may give the person a buck, but I get a photo of the person (with my wicked smaht phone. Isn’t technology wonderful?) in exchange. All of these are real people that have approached me over the last couple weeks.

Colfax… don’t ever change.


30 Miles of Crazy! 22: Beer Goggles!

BEER GOGGLES! Or ‘… Yet Another Colfax Beauty Pageant!’

It’s Friday and time for another 30 MILES OF CRAZY! True-ish tales of America’s Longest and Wicked Street: Denver’s Colfax Avenue!

This time with Musical Accompaniment! (Yes, the song reference in the comic and World/Inferno Friendship Society is one of my favorite bands. Do yourself a favor and catch them live.)

… as well as pictures from the scene of the crime after the strip.