Here are some brief sketches that I did over Boston Comic Con (Aug 8-10, 2014). Yes, these were some Cosplayers that passed by my table over the weekend.


Sad Batman Cosplay. I loved this guy as he passed my table, ears all battered/floppy and his backpack kind of askew. PATHOS!!



Sad Joker Cosplay. A dad in costume, taped on nose and chin, going out of the way for his kid. Brilliant.


Brilliant Goddess Leia. She was great simply cause of the confidence and attitude.


‘Rocket’ from Guardians of the Galaxy. Trying to be topical.


Earl of Lemongrab from Adventure Time. I had this illustration perched on my table (in a cunning attempt to get people to stop and look.) On the one hand, it was utterly brilliant seeing children laugh, smile, and point at it. On the other hand, hearing the countless adults screeching “UNACCEPTABLE!” as they passed, had me questioning the illustration choices of my life.