“This is a True Story…” Time for another True-ish tale of Denizens, Bars, Characters in the City and Other Low Places. Time for a new 30 MILES OF CRAZY! (#100)

This week: ‘True Story: a Poem by Ken Arkind’ … or ‘HEY! IT’S 30 MILES OF CRAZY #100!’

Yep. Number 100! This week is a special adaptation of National Poetry Slam Champion Ken Arkind’s poem ‘True Story’. Many thanks to Ken for letting me adapt this. He’s pretty brilliant. You should go out (or online), do yourself a favor, and check out Ken reading many of his other poems on YouTube… Like this one.

ALSO! Denver Comic Con starts up this weekend! I will be exhibiting, kissing hands, and shaking babies in the Artist Valley: Table C10.

That said, the new 30 MILES OF CRAZY! collection: Another Round. This is the second 30MOC! volume and collects #70 through #125. “But Karl…”, you may ask yourself if you are prone to such things… “Karl… How have you collected 30MOC! comics up to #125 when you are only on #100?”  Good question. There are comics in the volume that have not been posted as yet! By one of the new collection… AND YOU GET TO SEE INTO THE FUTURE! Well, at least the next 25 weeks on this one particular website, but still… FUTURE!

Remember. DCC. Artist Valley. Table C10.