“… and I always stayed… cause it was cheap…”  More Tales of the City. A new 30 MILES OF CRAZY! (#194)

This week: ‘Making the Rent’ or ‘Gentrification.’ 

DINK is this weekend! Not only will I be there, but have two new comics to sell, including ‘Introduction to Alcohol’ (the compiled Lil’ Karl stories) which has been nominated for two DINKy awards (Best Self-Published and Best of Colorado.) I will also have a new 23-page 30 MILES OF CRAZY! Sampler comic at my table as well.

I’m also featured in the Westword article listing some of the artists that will be featured at DINK. Check it out!

And so… Three… Two… One…  Musical Accompaniment! …. and GO!


Also, because of DINK, the next comic will be tomorrow! Friday, April 7th.