Friday! Time for a new 30 MILES OF CRAZY! (#57)

Once again it’s time to leave the charmingly grim and gritty Colfax Avenue (fun for kids of all ages. Just make sure you got your shots) and the Mile High City for the cheesesteak-clogged arteries of Broad Street (and place I once lived for far too long), Philadelphia. With it’s water ice, Mummers, and ‘Bullies’ (1970’s Flyers’ joke!) for Part 2 (of 6) of ‘On The Road – Philadelphia’.

Again (like most of the comics in this series), please note that this comic is TWO pages. Seriously, when I’ve done two page stories in the past (like 30MoC #31), people have approached me in bars commenting that they really didn’t get the story… cause they never scrolled down further to read the next page. So, as a PSA, please scroll down and read the second page.

… and yes, we are still at the funeral. Trust me. It was a weird day. Also … yes, these were all things said to me. And lastly…. yes, my name was almost  ‘Hans’ (and my uncle still calls me that, refusing to use my given name.) Can’t decide if I dodged a bullet or not with that name.

So, let’s get started with THE FUNERAL OF CGK, Part 2.

Like last week, (no sarcasm) the musical accompaniment will be one of my father’s favorite songs. So, three… two… musical accompaniment… and GO!