30 MILES OF CRAZY! CIRCUS!: On The Road: Philadelphia continues.

Here’s a sneak peak from this Friday’s 30 MILES OF CRAZY, where the funeral is (almost) over in Philadelphia, we’re at a classic bar off Broad Street, and we get back to drinking one of the area’s best beers (and Oldest Brewery in America): Yuengling.

Growing up in the area, I never thought it odd to go into a bar, order a ‘Lager’ (or a ‘Porter’), and you would always get a Yuengling product. Until years (and living in several other cities) later when K pointed it out, it never even occurred to me that ordering a beer by style (rather than by name) was really… quite odd. However, that’s always the way it was (and still is since my last trip there) with Yuengling in the Delaware Valley. It’s still one of the things I really miss from that area (though I’ve heard it’s beers have made it’s way up to Massachusetts, where we’ll be next week! There may just be a Yuengling/Narragansett drink off…)

Musical Accompaniment, and …