So, with the new Colfax banners, my artwork is suddenly getting some attention.

First, I did a quick interview with the Westword about the banners, which is only natural since I do the weekly Denver Bootleg comic for them. You can check out that article HERE.

… then, with little notice, I was messaged that local 9NEWS wanted to do a quick segment about me and the banners. The catch was that the interview had to be within the next two hours, to make the evening broadcast. So, I met the guy at my local cafe on Colfax, we filmed an interview for about a half hour, with some additional footage out on Colfax under the banners.

That evening, I was sitting at one of my locals and asked the bartender to turn on 9NEWS around 6pm.

“Why?”, she asked.

“Well… I’m apparently going to be on the news tonight.”, I replied.

… and I was. My friends around me started cheering once the segment started, which caused everyone else in the bar to turn around, see everyone pointing at the TV, and also see me sitting at the bar. The whole bar started cheering, so I never really caught anything being said in the segment, which is kinda funny.

The next morning, I watched the segment online. I’ve always been a bit hesitant to either watch or listen to myself after being interviewed, but I have to say that this one came off rather well. Love that it ended with “The artist kindly asks that you do not steal the banners…” 

I never actually said that though.

You can watch the full 9NEWS segment HERE.